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Stakeholder engagement

Being an international energy company makes it essential for us to earn and retain the trust of our stakeholders, from the people who live near our assets to representatives of the international community.

A relationship founded on trust is a prerequisite for positive action. That’s why we‘ve committed to pursuing new cooperative efforts with civil society organizations, particularly those directly involved in issues related to our material sustainability issues. We believe this will be the most eff ective way to tackle the challenges we face and, ultimately, prevent negative impacts.

Engaging in ongoing dialogue

Engaging with our various stakeholder groups helps us understand their needs and their expectations of our company. We know their trust is crucial for our lasting success. We also work with our stakeholders to minimize adverse impacts of our business activities.

We actively engage with NGOs

In 2019, we committed to conducting, at corporate level, at least three new trust-building dialogues with civil society organizations each year through 2022. Uniper conducted four such dialogues in 2019, thereby surpassing the target. Discussions at these meetings focused on human rights issues along the coal supply chain, the coal phaseout’s impact on decarbonization, and the environmental impact of gas exploration.

We participate in Bettercoal

In September 2019, Uniper as a member of the Bettercoal Russia Working Group (RWG) conducted a week-long visit to Moscow and the Kuznetsk Basin in southwest Siberia, one of Russia’s most important coal-mining regions.The purpose of the visit was to engage directly with relevant stakeholders, particularly coal-mining companies, to deepen our understanding of the environmental and social dimensions of coal production in Russia. We also wanted to identify new ways for multi-stakeholder cooperation and dialogue to bring about positive change to the industry. This visit marked the beginning of a focused engagement strategy for one of Bettercoal’s priority countries.

Our strategic plan

  • Actively engage with stakeholders to ensure transparency and ongoing dialog regarding Uniper’s activities.
  • Foster the development of effective, accountable, and transparent institutions at all levels.
  • Minimize the impact on communities affected by Uniper’s operations.
  • At the corporate level, conduct at least three trust-building dialogs with civil society organizations each year up to 2022.

Teaching kids about safety

Unipro, which operates our power generation business in Russia, has a proven record as a good corporate citizen of the communities and regions where its power stations are located. In fact, in 2018, the Russian Ministry of Energy gave it an award for being one of the industry’s “best socially oriented organizations.”

In 2018

the Russian Ministry of Energy gave it an award for being one of the industry’s “best socially oriented organizations.”

One of its stakeholder-engagement programs is “Uniproshka for Children,” the purpose of which is to teach preschool and primary schoolkids how to be safe and take a responsible attitude toward themselves and other people. Colleagues from Smolenskaya power station conducted a water safety lesson for children from a local school.

Tours of a technological marvel

Barsebäck nuclear power plant hasn’t split an atom to generate electricity in 15 years. Although idle and partially dismantled, Barsebäck is still an impressive piece of technology that continues to attract visitors. We’ve offered guided tours in the summer since 2010. It’s part of our long-standing commitment to transparency at Barsebäck. We believe that it also benefits the general public perception of Sweden’s nuclear industry.

> 2,000

people visited Barsebäck nuclear power plant in 2019

Interest has increased in recent years. One reason is Sweden’s lively public debate about nuclear power as a transitional option for helping protect the earth’s climate: people want to come and see what a plant actually looks like inside.

Focus areas

Climate action and security of supply

Greenhouse gas emissions and a secure and reliable energy supply are Uniper's most material topics. Find out how we are decarbonizing our energy system whilst ensuring that we can provide security of supply.

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Our people

We care about our people and that's why we're committed to maintaining the highest of health and safety standards. We have no tolerance for discrimination and promote inclusion across our workforce.

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Environmental Protection

We're focused on using resources efficiently and minimizing pollution to protect our natural environment. Limiting the environmental impact of our operations is a priority for Uniper.

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Human rights and compliance culture

Find out how Uniper manages human rights risks along the supply chain and how we prevent violations of the law throughout the various aspects of our business.

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Stakeholder engagement

Transparent engagement with our stakeholders is important to us because a relationship founded on trust is a prerequisite for positive action.

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