Policies and commitments

Uniper has in place policies for its material ESG issues which are implemented throughout the Group and monitored regularly. These policies stipulate how the Group addresses these issues and how it coordinates the cascade effects across the organization.

The policies, business directives, and Code of Conduct are available to all employees.

Our policies

HSSE & Sustainability Policy
The HSSE & Sustainability Policy Statement defines Uniper’s ambitions and priorities for HSSE and sustainability. It provided the framework for developing the SSP and for evaluating its effectiveness.

Code of Conduct

Uniper’s Code of Conduct, which is binding for all employees, defines basic principles of conduct for a wide range of issues, such as combating corruption and human rights violations. It provides guidance and support for conducting business and behaving in the workplace in compliance with the law and company rules. Each year, Management Board members and senior managers sign a written pledge to adhere to the code. The code is reviewed and updated periodically to ensure appropriateness and compliance with company and regulatory requirements.

Supplier Code of Conduct
The Group strives to work, whenever possible, with third parties that have comparable principles. It requires its suppliers to sign a declaration of compliance with the Uniper Supplier Code of Conduct.

Know-Your-Counterparty Policy

Uniper has in place a Know-Your-Counterparty Business Policy. Its purpose is to enhance existing processes for identifying, verifying, and reporting the main compliance risks potentially posed by new counterparties before business deals are finalized. These risks include corruption, money laundering, terrorism financing, and the violation of economic sanctions.