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Our material topics

Our material topics

Our material topics

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Report 2020

Our people

Our top priority is to work safely, look after our people’s health, and protect them from harm.

Our commitment to health and safety extends to the employees of our business partners and to the people who live nearby or visit our facilities. We aim to provide a supportive work environment in which our people feel confident sharing their ideas and trying new approaches. Their creativity is crucial to our success.

Health and safety

Maintaining high health and safety standards is a core value for us because we care about our people. Safety is also important for the operation of our facilities and enables us to avoid the additional cost of work stoppages and lost time that result from accidents.


% ISO45001 coverage

We are upgrading our health and safety management systems to ISO45001


Combined TRIF

Uniper has committed to reducing its combined TRIF threshold to 1.0 by 2025. Our safety metric for management purposes is the combined total recordable incident frequency (TRIF). Combined TRIF was 1.17 in 2020 (2019: 1.48).

Our strategic plan

  • Protect labor rights and ensure a safe, healthy, and secure work environment for all employees and contractors; promote the same standards in Uniper’s joint ventures and partnerships.
  • Have zero tolerance of discrimination
  • Ensure equal opportunity and promote inclusion in the entire workforce
  • Achieve a Group-wide combined TRIF threshold of 1.0 or below by 2025
  • Certify 100% of Uniper’s operational assets to ISO 45001 by 2022
  • Have women account for 25% of Uniper’s high-level executives by 2022
  • Achieve an employee inclusion indicator of over 95% by 2022

Fair and attractive employer

Uniper employees are key to our success. The labor market is highly competitive. This makes having a strong and attractive employer brand crucial for attracting and hiring the kind of people who can help Uniper realize its ambition to help ensure a reliable energy supply while systematically decarbonizing its portfolio.








New hires from the external market

The majority were recruited in Germany and Russia.

Number of Uniper employees

Headcount as of December 31, 2020. Figures do not include board members, managing directors, apprentices, work study students and interns.

Top 1%

Uniper ranked in the top 1% of German companies

In January 2020, Leading Employers, a Düsseldorf-based employer evaluation system, ranked Uniper in the top 1% of German companies, citing our qualities as a holistic employer.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is a long-term corporate objective that we intend to achieve through the commitment of senior management and employees alike. We want to create a work atmosphere that embraces differences and in which all employees feel respected, comfortable, and included in their team.


We've set a target of achieving an employee inclusion indicator of over 95% by 2022

This means that at least 95% of employees say in The Voice of Uniper, our annual employee survey, that they feel included in their team.

From 2018 until 2020, Uniper conducted a D&I improvement plan that focused on three areas: leadership and culture, communication, infrastructure and compliance.


We've set a target for women to account for 25% of our high-level executives by June 2022.

At year-end 2020, 21% of these positions were held by women. We intend to reach our target for 2022 through more diverse selection and recruitment procedures, mentoring, flexible work arrangements for all employees, and similar measures.

Focus areas

Climate action and security of supply

Greenhouse gas emissions and a secure and reliable energy supply are Uniper's most material topics. Find out how we are decarbonizing our energy system whilst ensuring that we can provide security of supply.

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Our people

We care about our people and that's why we're committed to maintaining the highest of health and safety standards. We have no tolerance for discrimination and promote inclusion across our workforce.

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Environmental Protection

We're focused on using resources efficiently and minimizing pollution to protect our natural environment. Limiting the environmental impact of our operations is a priority for Uniper.

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Human rights and compliance culture

Find out how Uniper manages human rights risks along the supply chain and how we prevent violations of the law throughout the various aspects of our business.

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Stakeholder engagement

Transparent engagement with our stakeholders is important to us because a relationship founded on trust is a prerequisite for positive action.

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