We are a member of key associations and initiatives that are directly or indirectly related to our material sustainability issues. The composition of these associations and initiatives can be highly diverse but they are fundamentally relevant to our sustainability effort and generally relate to gas, coal, technology, and climate protection.

Our memberships

In order to establish adequate measures to prevent, monitor, and mitigate these risks in the coal supply chain, we participate in Bettercoal, a not-forprofit initiative established by a group of major European utilities committed to a more responsible coal supply chain. Bettercoal’s assurance system is centered around a supplier assessment process: Bettercoal independently assesses the performance of coal mining operations against the ten principles of the Bettercoal Code. We use this information in our ESG due diligence process and in monitoring our supply chain. Bettercoal’s strategy is to prioritize its engagement and to work with mining companies in the countries that export the most coal to Europe to promote the joint remediation of actual impacts. Consequently, the focus of Bettercoal members, including us, has recently been on addressing supplier and country- specific systemic issues in Colombia and Russia.

In April 2019, Frank Plümacher, our Executive Vice President for HSSE & Sustainability, was elected to serve as Chairman of Bettercoal’s Board of Directors for the next three years.

Econsense - Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business
Econsense brings together Germany- based companies that operate internationally and have a common goal: to actively shape the transition to a more sustainable economy and society. It supports members in embedding sustainability in their strategy, operations, and along their supply chain. Econsense has an overview of all relevant topics: from environmental protection to human rights. Its focus is always on the business case for sustainability. It currently has 38 members. Uniper has been one of them since 2018.

European Union Transparency Register

Uniper is listed in the European Union Transparency Register for organizations and self-employed individuals engaged in influencing the making and implementation of EU policy. Our number in the register is 285977820662-03. We also participate in the policymaking process through our membership in trade associations and other organizations. For example, we’re a member of the European Federation of Energy Traders. Our employees must notify the Uniper Corporate Office about their membership in trade associations and comparable organizations, as well as their contributions and donations to them.

Our focus areas are:

Climate action and security of supply

Greenhouse gas emissions and a secure and reliable energy supply are Uniper's most material topics. Find out how we are decarbonizing our energy system whilst ensuring that we can provide security of supply.

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Our people

We care about our people and that's why we're committed to maintaining the highest of health and safety standards. We have no tolerance for discrimination and promote inclusion across our workforce.

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Environmental Protection

We're focused on using resources efficiently and minimizing pollution to protect our natural environment. Limiting the environmental impact of our operations is a priority for Uniper.

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Human rights and compliance culture

Find out how Uniper manages human rights risks along the supply chain and how we prevent violations of the law throughout the various aspects of our business.

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Stakeholder engagement

Transparent engagement with our stakeholders is important to us because a relationship founded on trust is a prerequisite for positive action.

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