Our material topics

2017 Materiality

We defined Uniper-specific topics based on our 2017 materiality assessment. The materiality assessment analyzes the significance of our economic, environmental, and social impacts and of their influence on our stakeholders’ assessments of, and decisions regarding, our company.

We consider a combination of internal and external factors to assess whether a topic is material from the perspective of employees, senior managers, customers, non-governmental organizations, industry partners, as well as current and potential institutional investors.

2017 Uniper materiality matrix1

1Bubble size reflects the strategic relevance of the topic.

Secure and reliable energy supply

How do we provide essential energy services without interruption in a changing and complex energy world?

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Climate change

How do we deal with climate-related risks in our value chain?

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Our people

How do we attract and retain a diverse and motivated workforce and ensure a healthy and safe work environment?

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Business integrity

How do we act responsibly with regard to compliance, human rights, trading, and transparency in advocacy groups?

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Resource efficiency

How do we reduce the waste of natural capital in our value chain?

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Local acceptance

How do we minimize social and environmental impacts on the communities where we operate?

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Uniper supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To guide our actions, we aligned our material topics with relevant SDGs and used this as the basis for developing strategic commitments.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals were endorsed by the United Nations in September 2015. They encompass fundamental improvements in the living conditions of all people today and in future generations as well as the protection of the environment. Seven Sustainable Development Goals were prioritized during the 2017 materiality assessment based on the nature of our business and its strategic development.