Generational Change

New Company, New Faces


We faced a huge challenge in 2016. But we mastered it: within twelve months we went from being a subsidiary of a major investor-owned energy company to being a major investor-owned energy company ourselves.

After the spin-off from E.ON, Uniper started as a new company with its own characteristics.

40,000  boxes

were used during E.ON’s move to Essen. Our headquarters stayed in Düsseldorf.

We are now a medium sized-company operating primarily in Western Europe and Russia. Our business model focuses energy generation, storage, and trading.

The transition phase imbued many Uniper people with a startup mentality, which I found appealing and infectious. It really pushes me to test my capabilities and is helping me to achieve my goals of personal and professional growth. One great example is the spotlight project, which is about sustainability. Other trainees and I put our heads together to develop new ideas and will have the opportunity to present them to our Chief Sustainability Officer, Eckhardt Rümmler.

Tejaswini Purohit, Trainee Engineering Scheme

Uniper Explorer Program

The 18-month program, in which young professionals rotate between several departments at our company, is individually tailored to their interests and career plans. Many participants are interested in sustainability and contribute with new perspectives to the change process. In 2016 they were able to choose between three projects with a sustainability component: promoting sustainable procurement, improving local-resident stakeholder relations in times of digitalization, and enhancing water efficiency.

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Cultural, gender, and other forms of diversity strengthen our human capital.

63 nationalities

Working together at Uniper are people from 63 nations who differ in many ways, including nationality, age, gender and religion, and cultural and social background. Uniper also employs people who contribute their unique personalities, working approaches and professional experience from a variety of sectors, as well as people who can work flexibly at different locations. Fostering diversity is enshrined in the Uniper Way as a fundamental aspect of leadership.

At Uniper, we believe that embracing and promoting diversity can unlock hidden value for the business, help organizations think outside of the box, and foster innovation and resilience. Many studies have shown that blended teams are more innovative and successful than homogeneous ones. Diversity is equally crucial in view of demographic trends: only those companies that can effectively embrace diversity will be able to remain attractive employers and thereby be less affected by the shortage of skilled workers in the future. In November 2016, shortly after going public, we affirmed our commitment to fairness and respect to our employees by signing the “Charta der Vielfalt,” Germany’s national diversity charter.

The Uniper Way

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