Generating Change towards Sustainability

What makes an energy company sustainable? Financial stability, a clear vision, strong relations with stakeholders, and a commitment to addressing adverse impacts transparently are key. But so is a willingness to adapt and, more importantly, to be a positive force for change. We call it “Generating Change”—inside our company, in the communities near our facilities, and along our value chain.

We’re committed to deploying innovations that keep the energy supply secure and affordable while also protecting the earth’s climate. And doing what we can to promote better socio-economic conditions where we operate.

Want to know more? We invite you to watch our videos on these important issues and read our sustainability report.

Sustainability News

You’ll find periodic updates on our sustainability activities here and on our social media pages.

Sustainability Management

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Uniper supports the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They articulate fundamental improvements in people’s living conditions and in the environment. We mapped our material issues against relevant SDGs and used this to define our strategic sustainability commitments. As part of our 2018 materiality assessment, we prioritized nine SDGs that fit with our business activities and strategy for the future.

Get to know more about it in our Sustainability Strategic Plan.


Material Topics

Find out more about our material sustainability topics and our progress toward our targets. The contents are updated regularly to cover noteworthy developments and progress.

Secure and reliable energy supply

How do we provide essential energy services without interruption in a changing and complex energy world?

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Climate change

How do we deal with climate-related risks in our value chain?

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Our people

How do we attract and retain a diverse and motivated workforce and ensure a healthy and safe work environment?

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Business integrity

How do we act responsibly with regard to compliance, human rights, trading, and transparency in advocacy groups?

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Resource efficiency

How do we reduce the waste of natural capital in our value chain?

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Local acceptance

How do we minimize social and environmental impacts on the communities where we operate?

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